About Us

Established in 1992, Hakoba. Inc. is a New York based company, and is the only company in the USA that specializes in the complete process of Design, Creation, Manufacturing and Marketing of Hakoba Brand Products, and ships this unique product in the world.

CEO Mukesh Shah created and stands behind each of the outstanding design and color combination of Hakoba.

In 1998, we started out online presence at www.Hakoba.com with a state-of-the-art product presentation by dressing reality models in our Hakoba.com. Our web site has successfully achieved a milestone in online presence in the Hakoba.com business with 1.5 million hits every month and 186,000 customers worldwide.

Our Approach is to create our products from "cradle-to-grave" in that we source the fabric, the threads, colors and designs for optimum manufacturing through our strong alliances around the world and bring them to the marketplace through our stores and through weborder and mail order. We scout around the world to find the raw materials with the distinct qualities that our customers appreciate.

Our strength is in paying focused attention to detail for our products and to our customers' demands.

Our Presence is felt at key national Indian social conventions and through a dedicated media marketing program with full page spreads in national Indian publication in the USA and UK. We have made our advertising presence felt in entertainment events by Bollywood artists at venues like the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York.

Our Vision

Our Company's vision is to reach out to the 20 million Asian Indians in the US, UK, Middle East, Asia, and Africa started almost 30 years ago when our CEO, Mukesh Shah seeded the foundation of the company and opened the first Hakoba store at Times Square in Manhattan,New York.

The Company is looking to expand to:

  • Hakoba Trimming and Lace

  • Hakoba Costume Jewelry

  • Hakoba Perfume

  • Hakoba Prescription Frame

  • Hakoba Spice/Saffron

  • Hakoba Real Estate