About Us

About Us

Mukesh Shah, CEO, Creative Director, and Company Designer originally started Hakoba Sarees, Inc. (“The Company”) in the year 1999. Mr. Shah is claiming that the domain www.hakoba.com was registered in the year 1998 before the forming of Hakoba Sarees, Inc.

We are committed to original new products and high-end luxury fabrics.
Constantly explore new inspirations to lead the new trend. Fashion classic style, exquisite craft, strict material selection, Attentive service, through constant tempering, to create our unique products.

On January 2018 Mr. Shah incorporated a new company in the State of New York in the name of Hakoba, Inc. The Company is located in New York, NY.

Mr. Shah is the sole owner of Hakoba Sarees, Inc. and Hakoba, Inc. Moreover, Mr. Shah is the sole owner of the domain name www.hakoba.com. In 1998, Mr. Shah started an online presence with the domain name www.hakoba.com with a state-of-the-art product presentation by dressing reality models. The website has now successfully achieved a milestone in online business with hits of 1.5 million every month and 186,000 customers worldwide.

The Company and Mr. Shah’s vision is to reach out to almost 20 million Asian Indians in the U.S., UK, Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

Hakoba: Made in Switzerland

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